The king is back! Bar in Centro, Alghero.

After leaving Argentiera and cycling for 60 Kms on up and downs, I decided to rest for a day and spend a quite Sunday in Alghero watching my tennis hero Roger play the Wimbledon finals. I had to struggle a little bit before finding a place with satellite TV, but finally I ended up in this very local bar (Bar in Centro) where I had a great time and cheered at Federer while sipping on several ice cold Ichnusas (a sardenian beer).

Easy as washing down beers I quickly became friend with the owner Francesco and his son Peppe and at the end of the game we celebrated all together Roger's victory with a picture behind the bar.

The funniest part of all this was watching all this old customers getting drunk on beers and getting all excited for the tennis match.
Another unforgettable experience out of a very simple situation.
It's just a matter of enjoying!

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