Kilometro 55. Andrea e Nina

What is going to be the coming up month like if the beginning has been this way?! Andrea and Nina are two amazing guys living their dream in the Sardinian country side, hosting me and allowing me to pinch my tent in their field. The land is in the area of the wonderful Baratz lake and from here you can see the Capo Caccia lighthouse and the astonishing bay of Porto Ferro.

Portoferro con furore from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

But the surroundings are not the highlight of what is happening to me here...the persons are making this experience unforgettable. At my arrival I meet Giancarlo, a local shepherd that later in the afternoon will invite me to take part to a magical ritual consisting in cutting off the wool from the sheep. It will be here the I meet 4 other sweet persons and will live with them an unforgettable time! My fellows are Maurizio (the wise one), Lorenzo, Mauro and Nando! They're all shephards giving a hand to Giancarlo in this though job. At the end of the day we're all invited to stay over for dinner at Giancarlo's and Daniela will feed all of us with great tasty food including tipacal cheese and mirto!
All this can only happen if you're ready for everything to happen!

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