Kilometri 400. Marceddì.

I think I have a special power to spot characters and unbelievable situations. That's what happened after a 54 km ride from S.Giovanni di Sinis passing through Oristano and Arborea. My idea was to reach at least Torre dei Corsari that day, but at the same time I was worried not to find any market where I could buy some food to feed myself at night. So I stopped at this bar on the road to ask some infos to some locals who had been washing down Ichnusas under the shades for hours. Why not having a sit with them and refresh myself with an ice cold beer for a few minutes?!?! Well, I ended up spending the whole night with them doing something I would have never expectedt to. These guys were illegal mussels pickers and every night they would dive into the dark to go pick the mussels and resell them the day after! After several beers, an exquisite dinner and many many nice chats we quickly became friends... and they invited me to take part to the mission that night.
I'm not gonna mention their names, but two of them went to the bridge and dove (drunk as shit!!!), while the third guy and I were waiting for a sign to go pick them up with the "cash" and run away to go hide it!
The sun was rising at this point, so we all went to a bar to have breakfast...but the day was still long ahead!
As a matter of fact these guys promised a friend of them to help him paving a little path in his new house...and so they did! While I was more similar to a zombie then to a human being trying to recover from one of the greatest hang overs ever, these unbelievable persons kept shaweling and sweating their ass off under the sun and working as crazy in change of a wonderful lunch the owner of the house offered to all of us!
It's useless to say that all the persons I met during these two days will always be in my heart and no matter what I will do everything in my power to go back there soon one day and cheer with them an spend some other great moments!
I love you guys.

Please feel free to ask more details through comments, because I had to make a long story short not to make it boring!
Sorry if I'm not publishing pics of these amazing days to avoid this guys will be cought by the cops!

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