Kilometri 430. Piscinas

Before reaching next stop, I spent one night on the beach of Torre dei Corsari to rest a little bit and have a look at this place I've always heard about, and to tell you the truth it's totally worth a stop.

But nothing compared to what was expecting me in the world wide famouse Piscinas. The dunes and the wild beauty of this spot is practically impossible to describe with words, but maybe my pictures will do their best!
As you start leaving the paved road, regardless of the side you're coming from, the scenery is unbelievable with the sea calling you from down there and a rough wood surrounding you. If you're coming from south you'll be passing through an old abandoned minerary site which will just take you back in time for decades.

Hopefully you will be arriving at sunset, because this is the best way this area can welcome you, and if so just sit at one of the two little bars on the each (I suggest the one on the right) and wash down an ice cold Ichnusa enjoy the perfect show only nature can give you! A huge firing ball is gonna slowly set behind the horizon giving you goose bumps all over your body, while silence is gonna be all over you and the dunes will do the rest.

The beach here is just enormous so you can choose the comfortable beds just in front of you when you enter the beach, or go to the left as much as you want and spot your private square meters being sure nobody is gonna be around you for the whole day...the second choice is the one I preferred!

For your staying it depends on your budget: if you're a low budget traveler then the camping Sciopadroxiu is the ideal solution. I think this is the best camping site I've ever seen in my life, both for the location and the cleanness of the site. The only "bad" thing is that it's two kms away from the beach into the forest, so you'll have to either walk, ride your bike or take your car...but you might run into a deer...then it will be worth!
If you're a high budget traveler, then you can stay in this amazing hotel right on the sea called Le dune you can trust me you'll be totally satisfied! I took a walk around and inside it and it's just high quality stuff. next stop is Buggerru and the path leading to it it's just massive uphill...stay tuned to find out if I make it!

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