Carlo Forte to eat and to go

It depends wether you like rocks or sand, it's got it all! The south east coast is just a beach one after the other, starting from Giunco to Guidi beach you only have to choose which one you like the most.My favorite one was "Lucaise".

For sure this is the part of the island you want to be if the wind is blowing from north east (you will hear the word maestrale quite a lot if you'll be traveling in Sardegna), and if you're looking for a beach with a bar then Guidi fits for yourself.
But the most amazing coast is the one going from the "Caletta" (here you have two bars but definatly go to the second one!) to north. Here's where you feel the wildness of the place!

The lighthouse is a must, and from there it only depends on how brave you are to follow the signs for the paths and you'll be able to feel in heaven! Cala Fico is the number one place for me, but Capo Rosso, Punta del Becco, Cala Vinagra and all the bays reaching Cala Lunga are amazing and astonishing!

In Cala Fico don't miss the chance to stop eat at the restaurant there (you can't miss it!), but if you're downtown then "Tonno di corsa" and "Nicolò" are totally the best restaurants but also the most expensive. If you want to get a good quality 4 a good price then stop at 035 where the meat is supreme and the rest is above the average.
In a few words CF is just a pleasure to be, is the place where you can jump from solitude to a gentle crowd in a few minutes and once you will realize it then you'll be happy you chose it as you vacation place!
Enjoy it.

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