Back on my schedule because I stopped for too long in CF and Sant'Antioco, Lillo (read previous post) suggests me to take a train from Iglesias to Cagliari that will take me there in only 1 and a half hr.

I would have never expected this city to be this wonderful and this thanx to Omar e Claudia (two guys I met one day on Lucaise beach in CF) that showed me around and explained me the history of the place. The most fascinating part of Cagliari is of course the upper one called by the indigenous "Casteddu".

Here the "bastioni" determine the limits of the castle with the walls, and the mighty towers are there to remind you of the turbulent past and the many invasions the island had been gone through in the centuries. From up here you can enjoy an astonishing view of all the underneath bay all the way to the "stagno" and the old "poetto", and at the same time you can see the small alleys of the lower city where the lower classes use to live back in time. One night is not enough to deeply catch the mystic feeling the city has to offer, so I guess I'll have to come back one day and get to spend more time with Omar and Claudia too! Thanx for your wonderful hospitality and for being such sweet persons. See ya soon!

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