Trapani & surroundings

Trapani has been my gate to previous trips to other islands before (see my older posts), but I never spent time visiting it and getting lost through its many beauties!

The city has a sparkling history made mostly of sea and what it comes from it. The fish market is definatly part of it and spending an hr there watching people bargaining and choosing their dish of the day is a touching situation. Huge sword fishes, blood red tuna chops and the hundreds of species available here will impress you in a way you would have never expected!

Riding my bike under a burning sun then I went through the dedalus of streets making this tongue of land so special. On one side of the town you have this sleeping and endless road facing the open sea and the colorful houses of the lucky locals leaving their life in a slow and quiet mood; opposite of it you have the other limit of the town, with it's port and the crowded road heart of the commercial soul of Trapani; in the middle...ancient stone paved roads passing through marvelous monuments witnesses of the many architectural styles the city has been influenced by.

Not so far from downtown, then, you have the "saline", pools full of water taken from the sea used to take salt out of it and in many cases hand picked and packed for a high quality table salt. The scenario here is breathless! Enormous cones of white blinding salt stored along the borders of the pools and ancient windmills being guardians of the result of a hard day of work.

To make a long story short, from the port of Trapani I left to head to the Egadi islands where I spend few days hanging out and riding some Kms with my Cube.
Cheers and stay tuned for more fun.

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